Every Dream Starts With A Single Step

Crossroads offers an energetic environment with inspiring instruction that gives children the opportunity to have fun and develop a love of Irish dance. 

Dancers gain confidence, muscle memory and creative style as they jig their way around the dance floor . They will develop a sense of timing and rhythm by learning traditional Irish steps, tunes and rhythms AND even learn how to speak Gaelic and Irish culture. 

How Old Should My Child Be To Start Irish Dance Lessons?

New dancers do best if they already in school or (almost) 5 years old. We accept dancers ages 5-12 for our beginner classes.  

What Can My Beginner Dancer Hope To Learn Their First Year?

Our beginner classes are focused on teaching dancers the building blocks for Irish dance technique and rhythms. Dancers will be in soft shoes only their first year with the goal of advancing the following year to our Purple 2 class where they can start hard shoe.

Dancers will learn proper Irish dance technique such as proper foot placement and posture. Also, dancers will be introduced to traditional Irish steps and rhythms including the Reel and Light Jig.  Our curriculum also includes Irish dance history and culture as well as learning to speak basic works in Gaelic such as counting, Hello, Goodbye and more.

My Dancers Has Never Done Any Type of Dance Class Is That Ok?

That is fine, and it’s expected. We expect our beginners to be brand new not just to Irish dancing, but to dancing in general.

My Dancer Has Experience In Other Forms of Dance, Will They Still Register As A Beginner?

Experience in any type of dance is valuable, but if your child is new to Irish dancing, then we recommend they start in a beginning level class. Irish dancing is a very different style from ballet, tap and jazz.

Just like with any form of dance we want to be sure our dancers build a strong foundation of basics and skills. We constantly evaluate the class placement of our students, and would be happy to discuss options available if your child wants to progress more quickly.

May My Dancer Come To A Class To See If They Like It?

If  a dancer wants to visit our studio to observe a class our staff is happy to make that arrangement. You will want to email us at to set up a day/time. You and dancer will be able to observe a class and meet with the instructor afterwards. 

Free Classes are offered occasionally throughout the year and we also  organize "Bring A Friend" Day Classes, which any new dancer is welcome to attend too. 

Check out our calendar  OR "Like" us on Facebook for upcoming events and dates.

Does My Dancer Have To Sign Up For A Whole Year?

We offer both full year classes 6-8 week mini-mester classes and summer classes and camps.  

Our full year classes start in September and are based on a 36 week year. The studio does close for major holidays to include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break and Memorial Day.  Dancers who register for our full year get the opportunity to perform in community performances and participate in our end of the year Spring Showcase. 

Our 6-8 week mini-mester classes are held 2 to 3 times throughout the dance year. Our mini-mester classes are for dancers who may have missed our full year registration or just looking to do a short, introduction class session.

summer camps for the dancer who wishes to keep their dance skills fresh

Are There Special Shoes I Need To Purchase?

Yes, Beginner dancers will purchase soft shoes which is Ghillies for girls and black jazz shoes for boys. Girls will also purchase poodle socks which is a special type of sock that Irish dancers wear.

These items can be purchased online or through Pointe Dance Boutique. Our staff is happy to consult with new parents and dancers on purchasing shoes. 

How Much Is Tuition For A Beginner Class?

Our tuition is based on a 36 week dance year. Our tuition is priced based on the length of each classes as our classes range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. There is also a $30 annual registration fee for 1 dancer or $40 for family (more than 2 dancers).

We offer a family friendly tuition tier based on the # of hours a family is registered. We have many families who have multiple siblings or taking more than 1 class, so our tier offers a cost effective option without breaking the bank for dance classes.

Email us for more information about our prices and tuition:

Does Crossroads Offer Proper Dance Flooring and Equipment?

Crossroads offers a professionally designed "sprung" dance floor that reduces the risk of injuries. Our studio includes 2 water fountains, private restroom and professional sound equipment.

Learn more about our studio space HERE.


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