We Plan For Success!

 Hello Crossroads Family,

We greatly appreciate your support during this time. As a small business owner your continued dedication to our mission to provide you/your dancer with invaluable skills through dance education ensures we can continue doing the work we do. 

We think in these challenging times having dancers still be able to move and participate is very important. The dance studio community world wide is feeling the effects and industry leader have joined forces to collaborate so we can continue to serve the arts and dance to our customers.

The passion and care of our awesome staff here at Crossroads is dedicated to continue the love of dance in our dancer's daily schedule. The Crossroads staff has developed a plan for success for the upcoming 3 weeks to include some exciting new resources.

This plan and resources allows us to show our support in our government and officials in putting the health and safety of our dancers a priority while keeping them active in their daily routine.

~ Crossroads Dream Team~
Amy, Patricia, Eliza, Emma, Caroline and Anneliese
Studio Updates
In order to help keep everyone informed, we will post weekly updates by Saturday afternoon on this page of our website. 

We understand everyone is being over stimulated with information daily through different platforms, especially email. So we want to help and post updates on one central location without adding to our customers already growing inbox via emails. 

Please Note: We understand and acknowledge the severity of this COVID-19 pandemic,and are constantly re-evaluating what this means for our studio. The entire dance industry is working hard and working together to navigate through the pandemic and we will be sure to keep you updated. 

Crossroads Digital Dance Academy
We will be beginning an online class platform starting March 23rd. 

Learn More About Classroom»

Actively Learn
 Check out our new activity resources for dancers that Ms. Caroline is leading.
It Is Simple:
1) Click the link here-https://www.activelylearn.com/
2) Create a free account by just adding your name, email and password
3) Use classroom code: 550ri
4) Then you will be welcomed to "Caroline DeWald's Class"
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Meet & Greet Check In's 
Our teachers will be working to make time to do meet & greet check in's with our dancers, so we continue to stay connected. This will give our teacher's the opportunity to meet up with dancers to see how they are doing, answer any questions or just provide the opportunity for a quick chit chat. 

Each teacher will be setting their own schedule for our check in's based on their schedule and communicate with their classes individually to organize either a live, phone or email.

We are excited about having the chance to touch base with everyone each week.  
Digital Feedback and Assessment 
Dancers can have the opportunity to submit a video to our teachers to receive personal feedback. This is a great way for dancers to get personal notes directly from their teacher on a drill they learn, steps, or choreography.

In some cases a video is a great way for teachers to really give extensive notes since they can pause, rewind and even slow down a video. 

1) Log onto the BAND App- https://band.us/n/afaa32f9i4I2m
2) Go the Crossroads School group
3) Click on the photo album icon and locate the album for submission
4) Add your video and that's it!

All submissions will be transferred to our teacher's shared folder we have in our Drop Box. Teachers will reach out to dancers within about 3 days of receiving the video.  
Digital Private Lessons
Our teachers will be exploring offering digital private lessons for dancers who may want to give it a try. This is a great opportunity during them time for dancers to reach out to their teacher LIVE to get one-on-one teaching just in a different way. 

We will post more updates on this as we get all details and scheduling into place.

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