Crossroads Irish Dance started prior to 2000 as an Irish dance troupe here in Richmond, VA. The Troupe was sponsored by Jessica Morgan School of Dance at the time and comprised of fellow dancers at the dance school and community to enjoy performance Irish dance. 

The troupe disbanded in early 2001 and Amy Habel, now CEO/Creative Director, was approached by Jessica Morgan in taking the lead to revive the Troupe. Amy Habel was an undergraduate student at VCU at the business school and had just started an Irish dance program with Jessica Morgan's studio. 

At that time Crossroads started out with just 5 Irish dance students and small Troupe of dancers. Through Amy's dedication, perseverance and love of inspiring children, Crossroads quickly grew into a recognized brand name in the Richmond community. 

Since 2001, Crossroads has inspired over 300 dancers during this time in offering a fun, enriching learning environment with inspiring instruction for dancers to develop a love of Irish dance, increase coordination, build long-lasting friendships and drive self-confidence. Crossroads focused

The school has evolved to now a full service Irish dance school offering recreational, performance and competitive program opportunities to students from ages 2 to Adult. We now have classes ranging from Beginner to Open Champion level with  dancers who enjoy it as recreation to those competing at local, regional and world level. 

In addition, our school also has an exclusive program reserved for preschool aged children as well as, Adults. We incorporate both Irish dance instruction as well as, culture, Gaelic  speaking and more into our curriculum so dancers get a well-rounded Irish dance education.

The Crossroads Troupe has grown from a performing group to now part of a pre-professional performing company within the school performing at local TV stations, professional performance arenas, private events, weddings and more . The Troupe is a signature program within Crossroads that all our young dancers inspire to experience. 

Some of our current teaching staff is comprise of former students who have trained personally under Amy's tutelage. This is a great honor of having former dancers pass on their experience, expertise to inspire, educate and mentor our dancers.

Amy Habel will always be grateful for the day she was asked to be a revived the Troupe and continues to feel blessed everyday for the amount of students that she and the Crossroads Staff have had the chance to inspire, motivate and grow through the love of Irish dance.

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