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Punch Card Tuesday- Reel and Slip Jig Steps
Date:Tuesday, February 06, 2018 - Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Time:7:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Punch Card Tuesdays-Treble Jig Steps
Date:Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Time:7:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Punch Card Tuesdays- Light Jig/Single Jig
Date:Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Time:7:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Richmond Kids Expo
Date:Saturday, February 24, 2018 - Saturday, February 24, 2018
Time:10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Performance At Richmond Kids Expo

Dancers perform at 1:00pm

They are expecting about 2.500 attendees to this event, so we are excited to be a part of this opportunity. The Richmond Kids Expo provides the opportunity to see what local businesses and organizations offer for kids and families in activities, camps and more. 

Crossroads will also have a table at the event to provide attendees with information about Irish dance, upcoming classes and more. We will have a variety of activities going on at the table. Our Events Leadership Team is seeking enthusiastic parents who would be interested in being an official Crossroads table rep that day. 
Punch Card Tuesdays- Hornpipe Steps
Date:Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Time:7:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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