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What Is The Importance of Doing Community Events?

Sharing in community events as a school is a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their talents and get involved with their community as a team.

Are Events Mandatory?

No, events are not mandatory, but a little something extra for our students. It gives our dancers the chance to apply the steps they have been learning in class and be able to perform them. Also, a great way to get involved in their community and enjoy festivities.

Dancing outside the classroom gives students a chance to increase their love for Irish dance, showcase their steps and enhance their performance skills. It is a wonderful opportunity for both the program and students.

How Many Events Do Dancers Participate In?

We have several performance opportunities

Midlothian Day Parade offered for the entire school  throughout the year.

  • Richmond Christmas Parade
  • St. Patty Palooza @ Innsbrook
  • Churchhill Irish Festival

Students who are looking for more performance opportunities on a regular basis are encouraged to  audition for our performance troupe branch within our school.

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