Competitive Program

The Crossroads Academy

The Crossroads Academy is for dancers who have an interest in training to a higher level with competitive Irish dance. This program aims to teach the highest level dancers to assure that we are pushing the group as a whole. 

Our mission is to create an atmosphere for healthy competition that pushes  dancers to new skill levels.  We aim to be honest with dancers about their abilities and offer options for those willing to work hard and commit.

The Academy Goals

  • To display superior dance technique, style and stage presence
  • To maintain and improve our skills and performance
  • To set good examples and be positive role models for all dancers
  • To nurture their goals in competitive dance to progress in competition levels

  • Open to any students with at least 1 year of experience with approval of the instructor. 
  • Must attend at least 1 feis (virtual or on site) for the season. 
  • Register for 2 core Academy classes (Soft/Hard), but additional may be required.
  • Dancers will be expected to be prepared for class each week. If a dancer misses a class and new material was taught they must meet with another dancer or schedule a private lesson.
 More Information
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