Our Mission


Crossroads Irish Dance is committed to providing quality dance instruction, promoting Irish culture through traditional step dance, exploring innovative choreography,community performance opportunities and developing an overall appreciation for Irish music and dance. 

We pride ourselves in giving students the opportunity to learn Irish dance in a positive, fun, and professional environment. Our goal is to provide students with the proper knowledge, training and opportunities that will allow them to develop their technique and skills as well as, find the unique dance inside of them.

Since our Irish program is made up of a diverse group of students we feel it is important that we respect and encourage students at all ages, levels, and abilities. Many of our students enjoy Irish dance as a recreation while others choose a more competitive route; regardless of the path we aim to treat each student equally and nurture their growth in Irish dance.


Crossroads Performance Troupe provides dedicated dancers the opportunity to further advance their training and education in Irish dance through performance style dancing. It is through the dedication of excellence of our members and their performance that they give more awareness and education of Irish culture, dance and music to their community.

The Crossroads Troupe is a place for the truly dedicated and motivated dancer. 

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