Crossroads is a proud member of the World Irish Dance Association.

Who is WIDA?

Established in January 2004 in Germany, WIDA is a non profit organization devoted to promoting Irish dance around the world. Promoting  Irish dance worldwide, WIDA organized competitions, examinations and workshops to bring Irish dance into the hearts and fee of dance enthusiasts, both with and without prior knowledge of Irish dance.


WIDA strives to ensure the best possible experience for each individual on their level of involvement in Irish dance through open and friendly culture. Over 140 schools in 21 countries are now proud WIDA members and the organization continues to grow.


What Opportunities Does WIDA Offer?

WIDA has feiseanna (or competitions) offered worldwide. Competitions include local competitions as well as regional, national and world championships events.

They run annual exam sessions in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Siberia and the US to include 11 Dance Grade Exams , Solo Dance (TCRG), Ceili dance (TMRF), and Teacher Exams (TCRG/TMRF). WIDA also offer training for current and future adjudicators (ADCRG) and Examiners (SGD).

How Can I Learn More?

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